RMHC - Little Big Mount - Elk Bugle Tube

RMHC - Little Big Mount - Elk Bugle Tube


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Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls has created an aluminum bugle tube, the Atomic-13 Little Big Mouth. A 75-percent sized version of the Wapiti Whacker, the Little Big Mouth still has plenty of features to speak of. The patented V.E.T.T. System has a tuned coil spring inserted into the mouth end to stabilize the higher notes, maintain high pitches and create more volume. The “throat” of the tube, meanwhile, promises to create optimal back pressure, high volume and requires less air than a full size tube.

The Little Big Mouth is the brainchild of RMHC General Manager Kurt Howard. His goal was to create a realistic-sounding elk bugle tube, in a size that is easy to handle in the mountains of Idaho—hence its 16-inch length and 9-ounce weight. Kurt used his musical background as the basis for the use of aluminum instead of blow molded plastic. Most musical horns are constructed of various metals to create the rich clear notes and high volume desired. Due to weight and durability, aluminum was the obvious metal to use.